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Apink Sets To Release New Japanese Track ‘Bye Bye’ This March

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | March 10, 2017 07:13 AM EST

Apink is ready to kick off Japanese music industry with a new track titled "Bye Bye". The girl group's agency, Plan A Entertainment, has released an official statement about Apink's comeback.

Apink sets to release their new track on March 29 during a special release event in Fukuoka, Japan. The girls will also hold fan meeting events in Tokyo, Kobe, and Kyoto from March 30 to April 2. The soon-to-be-released track "Bye Bye" is another Apink's dance track masterpiece that presumably features heartbreaking lyrics, according to HelloKpop.  "Bye Bye" follows the story of somebody's journey to regain their confidence after a break-up.

Apink released their 6th Japanese track titled "Summer Time" back in August 2016. The track gained positive responses from Japanese fans and soon claimed the highest spot on Orion's weekly chart. Fans are obviously highly expecting "Bye Bye" to reclaim its predecessor's success.

Last month, Apink's Eunji and Bomi dropped exciting news regarding their upcoming comeback. The girls delivered the news during a chocolate-making program in Naver's V App on February 13. on that occasion, Bomi and Eunji answered some questions that bugged a lot of fans, mostly about their comeback plan. Responding to fans' curiosity about the comeback rumor, the pair only said that they were in the middle of production progress and they've been doing a lot of recording and practicing for the upcoming album release, Soompi reported.

Apink members have been appearing in a lot of TV programs during their group inactivity. Bomi just wrapped her final episode of "We Got Married" along with Choi Tae Joon, while Hayoung kicks off to debut as an actress in the new KBS drama "Find Her".

The drama tells the story of a man named Jan (Lee Hyun Jae), who came from Netherlands to Korea in order to find the woman that he loves. Hayoung plays the role of a waitress that helps Jan find the woman as well as teaching him Korean culture. Hayoung's drama "Find Her" aired its first episode on March 01.

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