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YG To Debut A New Boy Group With Bang Ye Dam In It: Fans Of WINNER And iKON Allegedly Unhappy With The Decision.

By Siti Fatimah | March 17, 2017 03:46 PM EDT

YG to debut a new boy group with Bang Ye Dam in it.
Yang Hyun Suk planned to debut a new boy group with Bang Ye Dam in it in July. Read more about YG plans with the rest of the artists comeback! (Photo : SBS Kpopstar/YouTube)

YG Entertainment has been loved by many people since their success with Bigbang. Getting recognized not only nationally, but also globally, Bigbang has got a strong fan base. After debuting ICON and WINNER, YG Entertainment is ready to debut another boy group this year.

As reported by AllKpop, YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk was preparing to debut a boy group with the members who were 15-17 years old. Having young members, Bang Ye Dam would also join the new group at his age of 16. Bang Ye Dam was previously known as "K-pop Star 2" runner-up. Yang Hyun Suk also said that the company would focus on iKON, WINNER, BlackPink, and Sechkies comeback from April to June and the new boy group would debut in July.

It was such a surprising news for the fans as the company debuted the young group pretty fast. Also, previously, YG Entertainment took for about 8 years of gap before debuting another boy group. Having a new boy group in 4 years, many fans of iKON and WINNER were upset about it, reported by Koreaboo. It was reported that fans were mad as both current groups were having lack of activities and comeback.

Having all male artists with only BlackPink as the girl group, YG seems to focus more on male groups this year. It is such a new thing for Yang Hyun Suk to debut another boy group. The company only has BlackPink as the new girl group. Also, previously 2NE1 has disbanded already with only CL and Dara renewed their contracts in YG Entertainment.

As many boy groups to have their promotion this year, fans are so excited. Especially for WINNER and iKON's fans who have been waiting for their comeback for a long time. For Bang Ye Dam's fans who want to see his performance, they will have to wait until July.

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