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Suho Exhibits Kindness Again As He Pays For Fan's Meal: Attends Opening Exhibit in Seoul’s Galerie Perrotin

By Eddwyn A. | March 18, 2017 12:37 AM EDT

EXO's Suho
EXO's Suho once again showed his kindness as he paid for a fan's meal who just wanted his autograph: Attends the opening exhibit of an American painter in Seoul’s Galerie Perrotin. (Photo : Christopher Jue / Getty Images)


Recently, EXO's Suho went on a solo date on a restaurant. A fan approached him which he willfully entertained and as he left the restaurant, the idol once again showed his natural kindness.

According to Koreaboo, a certain fan was surprised as she accidentally met EXO's Suho at a restaurant she was eating at. Unhesitant, she immediately approached the idol and revealed that she was a fan.

Suho accepted the fan's admiration and proceeded to give her his autograph. After eating, the idol quietly left the restaurant.

But as the fan was about to pay for her meal, she was surprised that Suho had already taken care of her bill! Suho is such a kind fellow.

This wasn't the first time the public was made aware of Suho's natural kindness. Throughout his career (even when he was still a trainee), EXO-l's have exposed the fact that during their exchanges with the idol, Suho would mingle with them and that the idol was truly humble.

In other news, Soompi reports that Suho recently attended the opening of American Painter's Exhibit in Seoul's Galerie Perrotin. The event was held on Thursday, March 16.

The painting exhibit featured Suho as the main subject of Jesse Mockrin, an American painter. Mockrin's exhibit was titled "XOXO".

Mockrin's exhibit not only featured Suho, but 8 other EXO members as well. In the first album the idols were painted, they were depicted over jewel-colored floral and paisley backgrounds. These were inspired by the Gucci fashion EXO members wore during their pictorial for Vogue Korea in April last year.

Leader Suho was the only one to attend the said exhibit. He was made to represent EXO as the other members were busy.

A picture of Suho was uploaded on Jesse Mockrin's Instagram account. Her caption stated that the media really loved Suho during the exhibit's opening.




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