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GOT7's 'Flight Log: Arrival' Tops iTunes Charts in Asia: Makes Its Way Into Sweden, Finland, & Norway

By Eddwyn A. | March 17, 2017 06:13 AM EDT

GOT7 just topped Hanteo's charts for album sales for their comeback album "Flight Log: Arrival" (Photo : GOT7 Official / Twitter)

GOT7 has made a successful comeback. Their newest album "Flight Log: Arrival" has peaked across numerous global iTunes charts.

On March 13, GOT7 has officially made their comeback with the release of their newest album "Flight Log: Arrival". According to Soompi, the album rapidly rose up to the first spot of iTunes charts in six countries, namely: Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

GOT7's newest album rose to the second spot in Singapore and Taiwan. "Flight Log: Arrival" took the third spot in Macau.

GOT7's "Flight Log: Arrival's" success was not limited in the Asian countries though, as it also made its way into Europe and America. The album took second place in the iTunes charts in Finland and Norway, and the fourth spot in Sweden. GOT7's newest album also ranked fifth in the United States.

Earlier to its release, "Flight Log: Arrival" already sold 220,000 pre-order units. GOT7's newest album made the first place in Korea's Hanteo chart within the first week of its release.

GOT7's "Flight Log: Arrival" contained 8 tracks, including "Shopping Mall", "Paradise", "Sign", and "Q" to name a few. The album's title track is "Never Ever" which also had its music video released with the album.

Unfortunately, GOT7's Jackson was not able to celebrate with the group as he is still in recovery after the incident on March 11. As previously reported, Jackson suddenly was sick during the "Excursion with GOT7" fan meeting.

During GOT7's fan meeting in Seoul on Saturday, Jackson suddenly puked in front of the fans. He reportedly fell off of his chair. He insisted he was okay and wanted to proceed with the fan meeting but he was sent to the nearest hospital. The hashtag "#GetWellJackson" went trending worldwide on Twitter with over 92K tweets.

JYP Entertainment immediately released a statement the next day, saying that Jackson won't be joining GOT7 in their comeback as he will be focusing on recovering. However, Jackson is slated to rejoin the band for their promotional activities after March 19.

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