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Jessica Jung Admitted Leaving Girls’ Generations Is The Best Decision She Has Ever Made

By Ina | March 20, 2017 07:49 AM EDT


Former Girls Generations' member, Jessica Jung, recently made a surprising confession in an interview with Marie Claire Taiwan. The songstress revealed that she's eternally grateful for her brave decision to step back from the veteran girl group.

Jessica Jung left Girls Generations in 2014 after seven years of pursuing the career with the girls. There were rumors about her troubled relationship with the members following her disbandment. However, on March issue of Marie Claire, Jessica Jung revealed her honest feelings towards her departure.

According to Korea Boo, Jessica Jung is, in fact, feeling much more relieved now that she can retain the freedom as an individual. At first, the singer felt fearful and scared that she might make the wrong decision to depart from the group, but then she realized that her brave decision to close the door from Girls Generations' could open up thousands of possibilities.

The now solo singer-songwriter admitted that she's now able to pursue her utmost potential as an individual. "I'm almost 30 now, so I want to live a life for myself, not for anyone else," said Jessica Jung in the interview with Marie Claire. To this day, the former girl group idol has explored a lot of new things that she wasn't able to try when she was an idol.

Jessica Jung has varied her field of expertise in designing, acting, and composing music. Krystal's big sister even has her own label, Blanc & Eclare that produces high-quality fashion items. Just recently, Jessica Jung stole the spotlight on a Tommy Hilfiger presentation with her stunning look. The K-Pop diva, as Vogue addressed her, stood up in crowds among the Hadid siblings, Lady Gaga, and Smith siblings.

Even though Jessica Jung gained a pretty outstanding recognition with her fashion label, she never intends to leave her singing career to focus on fashion. She wanted to stick to her passion for music since she started off as a singer. She also hopes to take her singing career globally now that K-Pop has emerged as one of the most phenomenal influences in the music industry. 

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