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Teen Top Comeback: Group Returns With 5 Members; L. Joe Out

By Siti Fatimah | March 20, 2017 10:22 AM EDT

TEEN TOP to have a comeback without L.Joe
Top Media confirms that Teen Top would have a comeback with 5 members as L.Joe decided to leave the group. (Photo : Hallyu Back/YouTube)

Teen Top has enjoyed great success since their debut. Their comeback this year has been pushed due to issues with L. Joe, who wanted to leave the group. The agency had asked him to stay for the group's upcoming album, but without a positive response from him, Teen Top is going to make a comeback with five members.

Previously, L.Joe has filed a lawsuit against the agency to nullify his contract. It was due to his dissatisfaction towards the agency for not letting him do better with his solo activity. It was said that L.Joe didn't get full support for his solo activity, especially when he was about to land a role in acting. Thus, he decided to leave the agency.

Teen Top's agency, Top Media, tried to discuss it again with L.Joe so he can stay with the group for their new album. Yet, as reported by Allkpop, L.Joe expressed no desire to return with the group and that pushing the album release had harmed other members. Thus, the company decided to have Teen Top comeback with only 5 members.

It seems that the discussion between Top Media and L.Joe didn't go well as L.Joe didn't want to have anything to do with Teen Top again. As reported by Soompi, L.Joe had decided to request contract termination from the agency to focus on his solo career.

Previously, Niel had given hope to fans as he said that the group will return with complete members. Fans held on to Niel's statement and waiting long enough for Teen Top to return. It turns out that L.Joe has left the group and only the remaining five renewed contract with the agency, OneHallyu reported.

With only five members, the agency said to give the schedule for Teen Top's comeback soon. For L.Joe his fans keep on their loyalty by always rooting for him.


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