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Soyou Says Dasom Is Her Best Buddy Due To Same Impulsive Personality

By Staff Writer | March 20, 2017 07:44 AM EDT

Soyou Says Dasom Is Her Best Buddy Due To Same Impulsive Personality
Soyou just said that Dasom is her best buddy. Now, the reason behind this revelation is unveiled. (Photo : theK (원더케이) )

KBS 2TV's "Battle Trip" has just revealed one of Soyou's thoughts, saying that she finds Dasom as the bet travel buddy. This was during the show's episode last March 18. The episode had the theme "Bucket list travel spots", and with this, all of its contestants are headed for North America to travel and have a vacation for the show.

According to Soompi, it was the first time of the show to step foot in North America. In the episode, the hosts of the show also took time to look back at the past places that the show has travelled to.

Surely, North America will be one of the most interesting places that will be featured in the show. Kim Sook primarily took the time to revisit their memories during the places that they travelled to in Asia.

On the other hand, Sun Si Kyung says that the episode will surely be a different one, making it really special. She then adds that it was challenging to go to the new locations. Then there's Soyou who says that Dasom is the best travel partner in the whole world, even better than the other SISTAR members.

She justifies this by saying that when you tell Bora about a trip, she would usually over think about it. And when Soyou tells a probable vacation to Hyorin, she would usually say that it would require them too much effort.

According to All K-pop, Soyou then adds that if she tells Dasom about it, she would immediately say yes even though she doesn't know where they are going to. She then adds that they both have the same impulsive personality, making them the two best travel buddies.

It was then revealed that the show was heading to Las Vegas, U.S.

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