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How Hollywood Icons React To K-Pop Music

By Staff Writer | March 20, 2017 08:32 AM EDT

How Hollywood Icons React To K-Pop Music
Some of the well known faces in Hollywood have just reacted to K-pop music. It just proves that the K-pop phenomenon is still up and running. (Photo : HotSexyKpop69)

Jimmy Jam, a Grammy-winning songwriter, and Terry Lewis, a Grammy-winning producer, has just been involved in writing a song for the One K Korea unity campaign. Its official name is "Korean Dream", and its very first concert, the 2017 Global Peace Concert has just debuted in Manila.

During the finale of the concert, Jam and Lewis joined the K-pop icons, SHINee, CNBlue, Psy, B.A.P., B1A4 and AOA for the performance of the song. After the concert, Jam was then asked by the media as to how the collaboration with the Korean celebrities went.

According to Manila Bulletin, Jimmy Jam says that he was very impressed with the level of talent and professionalism that the K-pop stars showed. He also praises the K-pop icons for the hard work that they showed throughout the many practices and final performance of the song.

Jam also confirms that he loves listening to K-pop music. He says that he finds their music as a great kind of pop music, and that it was the kind of music that he grew up with.

He also stated his hopes of working again with more Korean artists. It is worth noting that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have produced 42 tracks that all became number one hits in the Billboard charts.

Having worked together with Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Usher and George Michael, they sure have the credibility to criticize Korean music. But in this case, it seems like there's no criticism to be made as the two are very much satisfied with how their performance with the K-pop celebrities went on.

With all of these being said, there is no doubt that K-pop music is gaining more and more popularity in the international community through the passing of time. Hopefully, there will be no more boundaries between western music and Korean music in the future.

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