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EXID's Comeback News & Updates: The Title Track Is Produced By LE Collaborated With Shinsadong Tiger, Plus Solji Not Participating Confirmed

By Siti Fatimah | March 23, 2017 10:05 AM EDT

EXID is about to have a comeback soon this year. For this comeback, EXID will only have four members as Solji is still recovering from her hyperthyroidism. Although many fans are sad about it, but the four members promise to give their best to have a great comeback. Recently the group revealed some updates about their upcoming comeback.

It was said that EXID would make their comeback in April, reported AllKpop. This girl group from Banana Culture Entertainment has known for their hit songs, like "Ah Yeah," "Up & Down," "Hot Pink," and many more. The girls always bring unique concept and the song is trendy and easy to follow to make everyone join the fandom.

About their comeback, the representative from EXID finally gave update about it on Mar. 20. It was said that the title track would be produced by LE collaborated with Shinsadong Tiger, reported Soompi. LE collaborated with Shinsadong Tiger have been known for producing hit songs of EXID like "Up & Down" and "L.I.E."

Having the update about the comeback, people predict it will be a big hit as the previous two songs are really good. People fell in love instantly with "Up & Down" when it first came up and the song was famous in the entire nation. The members once shared their nice story about getting more perks from agency with the success of "Up & Down," reported Soompi.

Having great success gradually for their hit songs, this comeback has been anticipated a lot by fans. But Solji needs to not participate due to her hyperthyroidism. She is recovering from it and thus will not be able to keep up with EXID's activities. She once said apology to fans on her instagram. She posted smiley flower plus a message under it about her hiatus, reported Koreaboo.

Having an update about EXID's comeback, many people cannot wait to hear their new title track. Their fans will soon see their comeback on Apr. 10.

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