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‘You’re Too Much’ Actress Goo Hye Sun Departs From The MBC Drama Due To Serious Illness

By Inami | March 24, 2017 04:04 AM EDT

Goo Hye Sun has to give up her lead role in currently airing MBC's "You're Too Much" after she's suffering from allergic reaction. The "Boys Over Flowers" actress reportedly was diagnosed with a severe case of anaphylaxis.

Goo Hye Sun's agency, YG Entertainment, stated that its actress was recently rushed to a hospital during filming after she was seen showing the symptoms of nausea and breathing problems. According to Allkpop, the producer of "You're Too Much" made an official statement on March 24 to inform that they have decided to let Goo Hye Sun leave her lead role to focus on long-term medical treatment. The producing team has to go through in a series of discussions before deciding to let go Goo Hye Sun considering she plays a lead character in the drama.

Goo Hye Sun played the role Jung Hae Dang, a singer who's obsessed with Uhm Jung Hwa's character in the drama that has only aired six episodes. After Goo Hye Sun departed from the production, her role will be replaced by "Introverted Boss" actress, Jang Hee Jin, Yonhap News reported. Jang Hee Jin's agency, Lucky Company, stated that the actress was only given a short notice from the producer to film "You're Too Much" after the lead actress Goo Hye Sun was let go.

Goo Hye Sun was diagnosed with anaphylaxis after suffering a series of symptoms. Anaphylaxis is an extreme, life-threatening allergic reaction to an antigen that makes the body becomes hypersensitive. Several factors that could trigger the allergic reaction include foods like peanuts, dairy products, fish, eggs and other non-food causes such as bee stings, drug injection, and rubber.

The symptoms of anaphylaxis include rash, severe asthma, throat and mouth swelling, abdominal pain, nausea, and unconsciousness. Anyone who suffers from anaphylaxis has to undergo a proper medical treatment to reduce fatal risks that may lead to a loss of life.

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