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Apink's Naeun Proud of Her 20-Inch Waist: Eunji Prepares For Solo Comeback, Bomi To Guest With Choi Min Young On 'Running Man'

By Eddwyn A. | March 24, 2017 04:04 AM EDT

Apink's Naeun recently visited a radio talk show titled the "Cultwo Show". The K-pop idol discussed her diet and how proud she is of her body.

According to Koreaboo, Naeun talked about how much effort and time she invested just to have the perfect body for Apink's comeback. She also confirmed that she had a 20-inch waistline! Wow!

During the radio show, Naeun stated that she only ate salads so she could maintain her waist for Apink's promotions. She also revealed how their managers would squeeze their waist with a tape measure.

She however added that she had gained weight recently. Her waistline is now about 23 inches, which is still incredible. She also added that she is currently doing weights to add muscles into her figure.

In other news, Apink members have been really busy recently. All Kpop reports member Eunji is currently working for her solo comeback, while member Bomi was spotted with actor Choi Min Yong for an episode of "Running Man".

On March 13, music officials close to Apink's Eunji have revealed that the K-pop idol is preparing for a solo comeback in either April or May, with now specific date yet. The officials have also stated that Plan A Entertainment is now in their final stages of their preparations.

Apink's Eunji was recently successful in going solo as her first solo album "Hopefully Sky" topped last year's music charts. She also recently sung the original soundtrack for JTBC's newest drama "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon".  

"Now that I have my own studio, I am able to learn how to compose songs on my own and am currently working on the lyrics," commented Eunji.  "To be honest, I've been feeling a bit down last year but ever since I got my own studio, I've never been happier."

Apink's Bomi on the other hand, was spotted on March 13 with actor Choi Min Young filming an episode for SBS' "Running Man". SBS have also confirmed that the duo will be guesting on the show.

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