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K-Pop Idols Who Are 'Overwatch' Masters

By Eddwyn A. | March 28, 2017 11:20 PM EDT

People think that just because they are K-pop idols, doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun. While others go to a coffee shop or dine somewhere, these K-pop idols polish on their "Overwatch" skills on their free time.

According to Koreaboo, these K-pop idols love playing Blizzard Entertainment's hottest game, "Overwatch". Some love it so much they have almost mastered the game strategies. Some K-pop idols even broadcast their games from home.

First off is Hongbin of the boy group VIXX. The K-pop idol is reportedly an expert in using the assassin "Hanzo" in Overwatch.

This was revealed during the K-pop idol's playoff with MONSTA X's Kihyun, I.M., and Minhyuk in an episode of "Jung Dae Man" in SBS. Minhyuk continually praised Hongbin with his mastery of Hanzo's bow and arrow.

Also in the same SBS show, Hongbin revealed that member V of BTS played Overwatch and that he has already played with the K-pop idol along with co-BTS members Suga and Jungkook. V also revealed that he liked to use the hero "Mei".

According to the official Overwatch site, the hero Mei is a climatologist that is using all her might to preserve the environment. She uses her "Endothermic Blaster" that shoots sharp icicles and frost streams at the opponent and could also put up a solid ice wall that blocks attacks from enemies, making her the K-pop idol's favorite hero.

Ultimately, Gongchan of the boy group B1A4 is reportedly an Overwatch player. All of B1A4 members play Overwatch, but according to them, the K-pop idol is the most skilled of them all.

This was also revealed during an episode of SBS "Jung Dae Man" where Gongchan and co-member Baro fought with Eunkwang and Hyungksik of BTOB.

Gongchan used played the hacker "Sombra" during their playoff. The K-pop idol revealed that he was not used to playing the character but still ended up winning the match.

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