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BIGBANG’s T.O.P Embarks On New Career As Police Officer In Gangnam

By Inami | March 31, 2017 08:38 AM EDT

T.O.P has officially completed his military training and is ready to serve as a police officer in Gangnam Police Station. The BIGBANG member has been appointed to serve for 21 months as a police officer.

Before he was appointed to serve at Gangnam Police Station, T.O. P had to undergo a four-week training at Nonsan Army Training Center and basic police training at the Byukjae Training Facility alongside his pal from JYJ, Junsu, SBS Pop Asia reported. To officiate his duty as a policeman, T.O.P took part in the exit ceremony on March 29.

Celebrities have always been accused of receiving special treatments every time they involve on formal programs. The same thing goes for T.O.P. His military training had been embezzled with a lot of rumors and scrutiny of him taking advantage of his status as a celebrity. A while ago, Allkpop reported that netizens suspected the BIGBANG member received special treatment in the military. The speculation started to surface when photos leaked online showed T.O.P was being let off to wear his name tag on the opposite side.

A lot of people stated that he was let off easily because he's a celebrity, while non-celebrity might have to run 10 laps if he was caught wearing his name tag that way. The military representative quickly responded to the fuss by saying that T.O.P might have been confused and wasn't aware that he wore his name tag on the left side.

Name tag scandal was not the only thing that almost got T.O.P into trouble. A while ago, T.O.P's sister sent a forwarded message to fans demanding them to stop sending his brother foods because he might get into trouble in the training center. It turned out that food deliveries were forbidden at the training center and the trainee might be penalized because of that. As a result, T.O.P sent a message to his sister to express his gratitude, and at the same time, clarify that matter to his fans. 

Now that T.O.P has officially begun his duty as a police officer, he hopes that he will be able to fulfill his duty as a normal public servant without having his celebrity status dragging him down. The BIGBANG member is set to end his mandatory service in November 2018.

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