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EXID To Continue Promoting Without Solji Following Her Health Issue

By Inami | April 10, 2017 09:25 AM EDT

EXID recently made their comeback performance as a quartet on Mnet's "Mnet Present". The group performed "Night Rather Than Day", one of the tracks from their latest mini-album "Eclipse". The girls have confirmed that they will continue promoting as a quartet until Solji is fully recovered.

EXID greeted their fans via V Live broadcast on April 9. According to Soompi, the members also spilled an update about Solji's condition. The members revealed that Solji is getting plenty of rest to boost her recovery.

During the broadcast, the members also took a chance to dish Solji for being technologically-challenged that she might not watch the broadcast because she's not a type of person to always keep up with the recent update. However, EXID members keep supporting Solji, and have always maintained to keep in touch by getting together for a dinner or just greeting her via a group chat.

Even though Solji still focuses on hyperthyroidism treatment, that doesn't mean she stops following EXID's activities. Junghwa stated that Solji occasionally monitors the group's activities and offers encouragement so the girls are always in high spirits. However, Solji has also been feeling guilty about her health condition that she somehow feels she's getting in the way of a greater success that the group should have achieved.

Solji was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in December 2016. She was reported to suffer from the symptoms for several months before the doctor diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism. Lucky for Solji she could get an immediate treatment for her illness since hyperthyroidism could lead to a greater health issue like heart failure if it wasn't treated properly.

Up until now, Solji is required to take a full rest to focus on her recovery although she has a prominent role in EXID. Until Solji is back on her feet again, EXID will continue promoting their comeback as a quartet. 

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