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SM Entertainment's 'SMTOWN LIVE' Is Happening This Summer!

By Eddwyn A. | April 10, 2017 11:29 PM EDT

SM Entertainment
An insider from SM Entertainment has confirmed that the agency will be holding 'SMTOWN LIVE' on July 8 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium (Photo : Official SM Entertainment / Facebook)


SM Entertainment's "SMTOWN LIVE" concert is confirmed to be happening! SM Entertainment's biggest stars will be reuniting again after 3 years in a Korean stage.

As reported by All Kpop, an SM Entertainment insider has confirmed that "SMTOWN LIVE" is happening this summer on July 8. It will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

It will then be 3 years since the last concert in Korea was held. SM Entertainment's "SMTOWN LIVE" was held in Japan last year.

SM Entertainment's "SMTOWN LIVE" will feature their biggest stars just like they have in the past years. SM Entertainment's major artists like SHINee, Girl's Generation, EXO, and Super Junior. Fans can expect these artists to perform in July.

In the 2014 "SMTOWN LIVE World Tour in Seoul" was the biggest. A total of 75 artists performed at SM Entertainment's event which lasted for 5 hours.

Kicking off in 2008, SM Entertainment's "SMTOWN LIVE" has been touring key cities in the world. The concert tour started in Seoul, and continues its way into the American cities of Los Angeles and New York.

SM Entertainment has also entertained fans in the city of Paris, France. "SMTOWN LIVE" also visited countries neighboring Korea, like Japan (Tokyo) and China (Beijing).

There is no confirmed lineup of artist to perform in SM Entertainment's concert tour so far. However, there are rumors that NCT will perform in the concert since their member Yunho is slated to be discharged in the military on April 20.

In other news, SM Entertainment recently acquired a huge share of Mystic Entertainment's stocks. As previously reported, the agency bought 28% percent of Mystic Entertainment stocks.

SM Entertainment's goal in this recent merger is to broaden their range in the music business industry. SM Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment also has plans to create new contents and expand into the mobile media as well. 



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