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Chaekyung of 'April' Has Already Debuted in 3 Other Girl Groups Before!

By Eddwyn A. | April 13, 2017 08:30 PM EDT

Meet April's Chaekyung. Before becoming the 5th member of the group, she has already debuted in 3 other girl groups before.

According to Koreaboo, Chaekyung first debuted under "Puretty", a Japanese girl group under DSP Media. "Puretyy" debuted in 2012 but disbanded in 2014. Members were to re-debut in other groups.

Chaekyung also participated in the KARA Project in mid-year 2014. However, Chaekyung didn't make it into becoming a KARA member.

Chaekyung then became a member of another project group "C.I.V.A" after gaining popularity in the first season of Produce 101. C.I.V.A consisted of Lee Soomin, and Chaekyung's co-Produce 101 contestant Sohee.

Unfortunately, Chaekyung and the group only released one song titled "Why". Since C.I.V.A was only a project group, there were no plans of releasing other songs.

After C.I.V.A, Chaekyung became a member of another project group under LOEN Entertainment. The project group was named "I.B.I."

I.B.I also was composed by Produce 101 contestants Han Hyeri, Lee Suhyun, Haein, and Sohee. These girls were very close to finishing the contest but unfortunately didn't. They also released one song only titled "MOLAE MOLAE" before disbanding.

Chaekyung finally belonged to a girl group in November 2016. Chaekyung was revealed as the 5th official member of the DSP Media's "April".

Chaekyung was the replacement for April member Hyunjoo who left the group in October 2016. Initally, April leader Somin left the group in November of 2015 to follow an acting career.

Chaekyung, together with another new member Rachel, joined the group in December of 2016. April then made their comeback in January 2017 with their mini album titled "Prelude".

According to Wikipedia, "Prelude" represented April's new beginning as a 6-member girl group with Chaekyung and Rachel. April now consists of Chaewon, Chaekyung, Naeun, Yena, Jinsol, and Rachel.

Chaekyung and the rest of April girls are set to appear in their first ever reality program on Mnet. The show is titled "A-IF-Ril" and is scheduled to air on mid-May.

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