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Hyeri's Big Nose Gets in The Way In Kissing Scenes, Reveals Girl's Day Member on 'Taxi'

By Eddwyn A. | April 14, 2017 08:09 PM EDT

Girl's Day on 'Taxi'
Hyeri reveals on "Taxi" episode that her nose gets in the way during filming kissing scenes. (Photo : tvN / YouTube)


If there's one feature on her face that she actually hates, it's her nose. Apparently, Hyeri's nose gets on the way when filming kissing scenes.

Girl's Day recently appeared on tvN's recent episode of "Taxi". The show's host then asked the girls regarding Hyeri's acting.

According to Koreaboo, both Yura and Sojin agreed that Hyeri is indeed a good actress. The MC proceeded to ask Yura what lacks in Hyeri's acting. Yura initially said that Hyeri was perfect.

A few seconds after, everybody laughed as Yura revealed how Hyeri had a big nose. Hyeri's nose apparently gets in the way when she films kissing scenes.

Hyeri then stated that her kissing scenes are just fine. However, her nose really gets in the way when she does a smack kiss and it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Hyeri then proceeded to touch her nose. She also added how her nose is made of fat.

In other news, Hyeri and the rest of Girl's Day recently appeared on the "New Yang Nam Show" on Mnet. According to Soompi, the girls took part in a quiz contest on the said show.

The girls were then given scratch-off lottery cards as their prize in winning the quiz. The girls were given the chance to scratch their lottery tickets during the show's break.

Suddenly, Hyeri claimed that she won something. It was then revealed that Hyeri won 20 million Korean won (about $17,700).

Initially, Girl's Day's agency Dream T Entertainment claimed in their statement that Hyeri indeed won 20 million won. "I'm not sure if she has cashed it yet, but we can confirm that it was not a prank," said the agency.

However, they later changed their statement. Dream T Entertainment checked with the show's producers and revealed that it was all a prank. Hyeri must be really sad with the revelation - it's not every day you get to win 20 million won after all!



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