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Lee Min Ho Discuss His Own Definition of 'Perfect Love'

By Eddwyn A. | April 17, 2017 02:51 AM EDT

Lee Min Ho
With just a few weeks left before he enlists for mandatory service, Lee Min Ho is wrapping up his commitments and is doing his best to prepare for his upcoming two years of service to his country. The actor admitted however, that he is sad about the fact that he will leave the industry temporarily but is happy that he was able to do a lot of projects thus far. (Photo : Ashley Pon / Getty Images)


Cosmopolitan Korea recently got "The Legend of the Blue Sea" actor Lee Min Ho to pose for their 200th issue. In his interview with the magazine, the actor discussed his own definition of "perfect love".

"The kind of love that one can create positive energy toward each other's work or every part of life through the stability that love gives," said Lee Min Ho. The actor however, does not believe the idea of people achieving something through love.

According to Kpop Herald, Lee Min Ho stated how important it is for people to keep their feet into the ground. He also added how he sees people as they are and that he tries his best to be as himself in front of others.

The interviewer moved on and started talking about "The Legend of the Blue Sea". The interviewer asked Lee Min Ho what he would do if he was in the same boat with the character he portrayed in the drama.

Lee Min ho replied how difficult it may be to keep the values of purity, passion and sacrifice of love in real life. The actor then added that he would do his best to keep his love if he was in the same situation as his character.

In other news, Lee Min Ho attended the press conference for MBC's documentary "DMZ, The Wild". As previously reported, the actor discussed his plans before he enlists in the military.

Lee Min Ho first stated how he would feel when he enlists. He stated that he would feel so gloomy and sad, just like all the other men who is enlisting in the military too.

Lee Min Ho then revealed his plans before joining the military - stating that he would like to do more projects before that time arrives.

Lee Min Ho narrated MBC's "DMZ, The Wild" and even went into the demilitarized zone to see the view around the area himself. MBC's "DMZ, The Wild" aired earlier this month on April 3.



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