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G-Dragon News: G-Dragon Shows Fans How To Have Fun With PeaceMinusOne

By Angie Chui | April 17, 2017 01:50 PM EDT

G-Dragon really has a way to creatively promote the products he endorses with the use of social media. Interacting with his 13 million fans on Instagram, the BIG BANG leader recently displayed a unique use for his peaceminusone merchandise that may prove to be helpful for pet lovers and pet parents like himself.

In a short video upload, G-Dragon shared a clip of himself having fun using his peaceminusone keychains as a way to get his cat to exercise. Hanging the cute keychain on a long string and a stick much like a mini fishing rod, G-Dragon engaged his cat with playtime.

But of course, peaceminusone keychains are a tad more expensive than regular keychains. And the problem is mainly how to get them as they're always sold out as one of the bestsellers among G-Dragon's merchandise.

Aside from engaging pets with peaceminusone merchandise, fans should not forget that the true purpose of G-Dragon's fashion line is for the BIG BANG leader to have an avenue to share his unique fashion sense with the world. G-Dragon also posted some stylish peaceminusone hand painted slip ons, some decked out Nikes, and some clothes that are expected to come out in his future collections.

The BIG BANG leader proved that his influence is as strong as ever as G-Dragon managed to sell out all 65,000 tickets of his third solo concert Act III: MOTTE or Mother's Womb which is also expected to be the theme of his third solo album. Aside from his solo album, the talented songwriter, producer and rapper is also busy collaborating with other artists including Pharrell Williams which he teased on Instagram several months ago, Kpopstarz reported.

G-Dragon was also announced to be the featured artist in IU's comeback album for her title track Palette. G-Dragon will not only be providing the vocals for the rap portion of the song but he also wrote the rap lyrics for the epic collaboration. 

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