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Park Yoochun Confirmed To Be Getting Married With A Non- Celebrity This Fall

By Siti Fatimah | April 17, 2017 01:53 PM EDT

Park Yoochun keeps getting headline in many media. After his case with some reports from women accusing being raped by this idol, he made great news saying that he would get married soon.

Park Yoochun is the former member of TVXQ. Deciding to leave the group and SM Entertainment together with other two members to form JYJ, many fans have recognized his great singing and dancing skill. But many people know him more of his acting as he has starred in some dramas.

Park Yoochun recently was in a big problem after being accused of doing rape to some women. They filed a lawsuit against him, accusing for being forced to do sex. It was big news as he has been known to be a nice idol. Fortunately, there was no strong evidence and was proven to be fake accusation. The accuser then got prison sentence for it, Soompi reported.

Having a big trouble for the rape accusation and dealing with the court, some fans have left him and it really ruined his career. Fortunately, some fans didn't show signs of leaving him and kept supporting him. He tried to get back to his feet and continue his career.

Park Yoochun wowed everyone when his plan to marry his girlfriend revealed. Based on his agency, C-JeS Entertainment, they said that the idol would marry a non-celebrity this fall, Soompi reported. JYJ's Park Yoochun is ready to marry the girl as she has shown a great support in his hard times.

Park Yoochun is now still doing his army duty. As the news came out, the reporters flocked to his workplace and made discomfort for other workers. Some hardcore fans even posted negative comments to his fiancé's SNS, AllKpop reported.

As an idol, Park Yoochun has been through a lot of hard times. He even once considered to retire after his wedding. But his agency stated that it is still too early to call it retirement as the actor idol can restart his career as he wants.

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