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Gong Minzy On Her Post-2NE1 Life: The Singer Admits She Feels Much Appreciated In Music Works

By Inami | April 18, 2017 08:33 AM EDT

Gong Minzy Releases Her Firs Mini-Album
Gong Minzy compares her new agency, Music Works, with YG Entertainment. Which one is better? (Photo : Minzy/Instagram)

Gong Minzy recently held a showcase for her first solo album "UNO". During the showcase, the former 2NE1 member talked everything about her new life as a soloist, including her new home agency, Music Works.

Gong Minzy admitted that she's afraid of making the wrong decision when she left YG Entertainment and 2NE1. The singer even felt stressed out to be forced to meet everyone's expectations now that she's an individual artist. According to Soompi, Minzy feels so much grateful to be in her new home, Music Works, because she can learn a lot of new things as well as be involved in the projects.

Minzy describes Music Works as a new home where she can't wait to go to meet her family. She also expressed her gratitude to everyone that has helped her to go through the transition as well as showing her how to embrace all the potential she has as an artist. Even though she feels much appreciated in her new home, Minzy still has a lot of respects for YG Entertainment since it was the first home where she learned how to dance and sing. If there wasn't YG Entertainment, people might not know her, said the singer.

Minzy's track from her first mini-album "Ni Na No" was produced by Melani Fontana, Yonhap News reported. Fontana has also worked with other notable K-Pop groups like Girls Generation, AOA, f(x), and American sensation Justin Bieber.

Minzy also wrote a single for her mini-album titled "Beautiful Lie". Exciting collaborations with hip hop moguls Flowsik and Park Jae Bum are also included. After she released the album, Minzy is set to hold her first solo concert in Japan on May 5.

Meanwhile, fans and fellow 2NE1 members have shown their supports for Minzy's first solo album. Park Bom even stated her compliment to Minzy on Minzy's Instagram account. Minzy's mini-album "UNO" consists of 6 tracks, including "Ni Na No", "Superwoman", "Flashlight", "Beautiful Lie", and "Ni Na No" (English version). 



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