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Liu Yifei Rumored To Be Pregnant With Song Seung Hun

By Sharmaine Ibarra | April 20, 2017 08:36 AM EDT

Liu Yifei's Rumored Baby Bump
(Photo : I Heard The Rumor)

Liu Yifei is rumored pregnant with her boyfriend, Song Seung Hun. This is after a Korean variety show noticed that the actress is gaining weight.

On April 10 episode of "I Heard A Rumor," the hosts said that it is possible that Liu Yifei is pregnant. Besides of gaining weight, they noticed that the actress is not wearing pants anymore, DramaFever reported.

The pregnancy rumors started last year, as well as the wedding rumors. Song Seung Hun is already forty years old while Liu Yifei will turn thirty years old this coming August.

The fans think that their age is very right to get married. Also, they are dating for over two years.

Liu Yifei met Song Seung Hun, in their movie project, "The Third Way Of Love." In August 2015, Song Seung Hun confirmed that they are dating. He confessed that they didn't cut their communication after filming their movie.

He also talked about his feelings towards the Chinese actress. "Honestly, I'm not a greedy person, but once I saw you, I realized what I really wanted to possess," Song Seung Hun said in Day Day Up show through an interpreter.

Liu Yifei is not yet giving a statement about the pregnancy and wedding rumors. However, a Chinese media outlet releases a photo of the star wearing high heels and drinking champagne. It seems like it is the response of Liu to the rumors.

Liu Yifei will be seen in her upcoming romantic fantasy movie, "Once Upon A Time," that will be released in July 2017. This is the movie version of the TV series, "Eternal Love" or known as "Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms." She will give life to the character of Fox Princess Bai Qian.

The film is expected to be a blockbuster hit because of the vast fan base of its novel. Also, Liu Yifei's co-star is Chinese heartthrob, Yang Yang.

On the other hand, Song Seung Hun is currently doing well in his South Korean drama, "Saimdang, Light's Diary." He stars as Lee Gyum, Saimdang's lover.

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