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Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo To be Married in New York? Rumors Are All Around To These 'Descendants Of The Sun' Leads

By Siti Fatimah | April 18, 2017 08:55 AM EDT

There is no an end to the speculation of Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Ko's relationship. Even though both denied the rumors, yet fans still believe that both are really dating. Moreover, they believe that their wedding will happen soon.

Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Ko, or also known as Song Song Couple, are known to have great chemistry filming "Descendants of the Sun." Their sweet gestures on set and hot they take care for each other have made fans believe that they are actually dating.

The speculations are all around when both posted pictures of them with a child. Fans were left with hope seeing their cute pictures with a kid. Fans began to wonder whether they gave hints to have a marriage soon and expect to have a baby.

There is a high possibility that both will be nominated in Drama Fever Awards 2017. The "Descendants of the Sun" two leads are believed to get Best Couple Award for showing great chemistry on set. The award event is usually held in New York and fans guess that both will have their wedding in this city, KoreaPortal reported. Fans have been on their query whether they will have their wedding after the award event ends.

Despite the rumors, both still denied to be in a relationship. In an interview, once Song Hye Kyo said that both Song Jong Ki and Yoo Ah In were like brothers to her and she was like a noona for them. But as they both looked cute together and showed sweet gestures to each other, fans still had their hopes up.

It seems that fans' expectations are too high. In an interview, Song Jong Ki answered the questions about the rumors, saying that he and Song Hye Kyo were close friends. He also added that people might have been linking him to Song Hye Kyo as they loved his acting with her in "Descendants of the Sun," ibTimes reported.

Even though both Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo denied the rumors, fans are hoping that they will really dating in real life. Fans are left with hope because they are really cute couple. Also, Song Hye Kyo's fans really hope that the actress will soon get married and have a child soon. People will just need to see their updates to hear from them again soon.

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