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Sejeong To Be The Panel Member On 'King Of Masked Singer,' Another Experience For The 'Flower Road' Singer

By Siti Fatimah | April 18, 2017 08:55 AM EDT

KIm Sejeong to be the panel member on "King of Masked Singer."
Sejeong to be the panel member on "King of Masked Singer." Her great personality has brought her far since she began her career in entertainment industry. (Photo : TV-People/YouTube)

Kim Sejong has caught attention with her singing skill. Being in "King of Masked Singer" before as a competitor, she will back in the show by being a panel member.

Kim Sejeong's is really talented. Showing her great skills in "Produce 101," she got second place in the final ranking. She succeeded to debut with other members in IOI. Getting fame as a member of girl group, she wowed everyone with her skill in hosting. She did really well with other hosts in "Talents for Sale."

She soon got attention as a singer and a host. She once released a single composed by Zico and she won first place at "Show Champion" for her song "Flower Road," Kpopmap reported. For her role as a host, everyone has recognized her talents as she showed professionalism on screen.

Kim Sejeong is reported to make her appearance on another show soon. She is said to be the panel member for "King of Masked Singer," Soompi reported. She will have to guess about the identity of the singer behind the mask. It will be a new challenge for her.

Previously, she has made her appearance on this show, not as a panel member, but as the masked singer. She wowed everyone with her singing skill. She called herself ant girl as she was wearing a mask like an ant. The panel members were really surprised to have her in the show, Soompi reported. She had a stable voice and could reach high tone really well.

Among other members in gugudan, Kim Sejeong has shown great popularity as she is full of talents. No doubt that everyone loves her because she is easy going and can be friendly to others in a short time. Once she made her appearance with Somi on "Happy Together." Somi said that Kim Sejeong approached her first after the final ranking announcement to break the awkwardness between them, Soompi reported

Having a great personality, many fans believe that her career will last long. Plus, she is a hard worker indeed on set and off set. Fans hope that Sejeong can enjoy her new experience at "King of Masked Singer."

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