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Lee Min Ho's Agency, MYM Entertainment, Confirms Actors Enlistment Date This May

By Eddwyn A. | April 19, 2017 03:26 AM EDT

Lee Min Ho
MYM Entertainment revealed via a statement that actor Lee Min Ho is to enlist in the military on May 12. (Photo : Ashley Pon / Getty Images)


"The Legend of the Blue Sea" actor Lee Min Ho is officially enlisting in the military this May. This was confirmed by the actor's agency MYM Entertainment on Tuesday, April 18.

Rumors of Lee Min Ho enlisting in the military this May have been going around recently. The rumors stated that the actor will be serving as social worker in Seoul's Gangnam district.

The rumors were however proven to be true by the actor's agency, MYM Entertainment, in their statement released on April 18. The agency also confirmed the actor's exact enlistment date.

"The enlistment date for Lee Min Ho was confirmed today," said MYM Entertainment. "It is true that Lee Min Ho will be starting his military service on May 12 in Gangnam as a social service worker."

However, the actor will not be going to the military boot camp to train for the time being. According to Koreaboo, Lee Min Ho will first be working as a social service worker due to an existing military regulation that applies to the actor.

In other news, Lee Min Ho recently posed for Comopolitan Korea's 200th issue. As previously reported, the actor discussed his personal definition of "perfect love".

"The kind of love that one can create positive energy toward each other's work or every part of life through the stability that love gives," said "The Legend of the Blue Sea" actor. However, Lee Min Ho clarified how he does not believe in the idea of achieving something by means of love.

Lee Min Ho also stated how important it is for people to stay humble always. The actor also added how he tries his best to be himself in front of others, and as well as in front of the fans.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho narrated MBC's documentary "DMZ, the Wild". The documentary was aired earlier this month on April 3.



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