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Lee Min Ho Exempted From Active Soldier Duty For His Military Enlistment

By Staff Writer | April 19, 2017 05:11 AM EDT

Lee Min Ho Military Enlistment
Rumored plans for Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 may be shelved following the confirmation of Lee Min Ho's enlistment for mandatory service. Lee Min Ho to be deployed as social service worker in Gangnam for duration of service. (Photo : Top Korean News/Youtube)

Reports are coming in that the popular Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, has finally confirmed that he will be enlisting in the military really soon. It has been confirmed that the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor will start his military duty this coming May 12, and will be stationed in the Gangnam District Office at Seoul. This has been confirmed by MYM Entertainment, the management company of Lee Min Ho.

It has also been reported that Lee Min Ho will have no media schedule during that date, which is why it should be expected that there would be no media coverage during his entry into military service as everything will go peacefully and privately.

But Lee Min Ho's first four weeks will be different as he will not undergo basic military training just like what ordinary Korean men go through. Instead, he will immediately start his task as a public service worker. He will then be waiting for the call coming from the Military Manpower Administration when he is already prepared to undergo the one year training.

According to Manila Bulletin, the reason why Lee Min Ho is exempted from serving as an active soldier is due to the severe injuries that he had suffered during a car accident with Jun Il Woo way back in August of 2006.

The injury was so severe that he was confined in the hospital for a straight seven months. Now, Lee Min Ho has a history of thigh and ankle fractures, as well as a torn knee cartilage.

According to Inquisitr, Lee Min Ho has a 46 cm metal implant that is lodged on his thigh. Because of these serious injuries, Lee Min Ho is exempted from rendering his duty as an active military soldier, which is why he will then serve as a public worker instead.

To add up to his list of injuries, he also experienced another car accident when he was filming a scene in 2011 for "City Hunter".

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