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YoonA Spearheading Girls' Generation 10th Anniversary Comeback

By Staff Writer | April 19, 2017 01:03 PM EDT

YoonA Spearheading Girls' Generation 10th Anniversary Comeback
Girls’ Generation is preparing for their 10th anniversary, and with it, YoonA is spearheading their comeback. (Photo : HAY HO CLIP)

It has finally been confirmed by YoonA that Girls' Generation is preparing for a grand comeback this year as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Because of this, millions of fans from around the world are already excited and hyped up about the big comeback of one of the most popular girl group in the K-pop industry.

After four years of stating out of the spotlight, YoonA finally appeared in KBS2's "Entertainment Weekly" for their April 15 episode. It was really one of the best moments that fans of the girl group have been waiting for a long time. Because of it, there was a considerable increase in the ratings of the show for that specific episode alone.

In the interview that was held in the show, YoonA reveals that she is currently busy filming her upcoming drama entitled, "The King Loves". This had surely helped increase the hype of the show.

However, the highlight of the interview was all about the much anticipated comeback of her girl group, Girls' Generation. According to Soompi, she, together with Girls' Generation will be having a comeback album that will celebrate their 10th anniversary as a girl group.

She says that she is already excited to release a new album that will feature her voice. She then adds that she will also be having her solo track. YoonA then surprisingly reveals that her upcoming drama will be airing in summer. However, August is the 10th anniversary of Girls' Generation, which is why she will be seen more often before the upcoming drama premieres.

With all of these being said, YoonA sure knows how to keep up with the hype that Girls' Generation had been having for a long time now. With the confirmation of the girl group's comeback album, there is no doubt that it will top the charts once it gets released to the public.

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