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Chinese Paparazzi Claimed Kris Badmouthed EXO Members

By Inami | April 19, 2017 01:10 PM EDT

Chinese paparazzi, Zhuo Wei, once again spread malicious rumors about former EXO members. Previously, the paparazzi claimed that he followed Luhan to prove a point that the former EXO member has a child with his current girlfriend, who remains anonymous. Now, Zhuo Wei has created another drama about another former EXO member, Kris.

According to Korea Boo, Zhuo Wei created a Q&A session on Chinese social media in which he spreads false rumors about celebrities, this time he's targeting Kris. The paparazzi claimed that he has witnessed or at least heard about Kris badmouthing his former bandmates at EXO. He claimed that Kris has called L stupid, Z is sly, and H is bad at singing. Netizens are pretty sure that he's talking about Luhan, Lay (whose real name is Zhang Yixing), and Huang Zitao (Tao).

Considering the fact that Zhuo Wei didn't bring any evidence to support his claim, fans believe that his remarks are nothing more than malicious rumors jealous people created to ruin Kris' reputation. As of now, either Kris or his management hasn't released any official statements to address the rumor.

Zhuo Wei previously sparked rumors about another former member of EXO, Luhan. Somebody on Weibo asked him if Luhan has a girlfriend, in which he answered that he's indeed has a special relationship with someone. To add more surprise, Zhuo Wei claimed that Luhan actually has a child with his girlfriend. Luhan's manager quickly released a statement to deny all the allegations.

Zhuo Wei runs a gossip account on Weibo where he answered all people's questions about celebrities for small fees in return. Still, Zhou Wei didn't provide any evidence to support his judgment so it's really difficult to say whether he says the truth or not. Meanwhile, Chinese netizens have been urged people not to believe this false news Zhuo Wei spreads since the paparazzi has got a bad name in his own country.  

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