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Ji Chang Wook Is Super Excited About New Rom-com 'Suspicious Partner' That He's Losing Sleep Over It!

By Angie Chui | April 20, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook is super excited about his new romantic comedy "Suspicious Partner". He's so excited that he's even losing sleep over it. (Photo : Cover Photos/Facebook)

Ji Chang Wook is super excited about his new romantic comedy "Suspicious Partner". He's so excited that he's even losing sleep over it.

According to a report by Soompi, Ji Chang Wook shared details of the romantic comedy as well as his character. He also shared how well the working environment in "Suspicious Partner" was working out, leading to an enjoyable filming experience.

"I think I'm going to have a lot of fun filming this drama (Suspicious Partner). I'm so, so excited and am looking forward to it," Ji Chang Wook said. "I can't sleep at night because I want to start filming (laughs). I have a feeling laughter will be constant on the set. I can't wait."

Ji Chang Wook will be embarking on romantic comedy after starring in back to back action dramas "The Healer" and "The K2" which were both very successful. "Suspicious Partner" marks his return to light drama since "Smile Again" and "Bachelor's Vegetable Store."

It comes as no surprise that Ji Chang Wook is enjoying the working vibe on the set of "Suspicious Partner" as he is known to be good friends with co-star Choi Tae Joon in real life. As a matter of fact, Ji Chang Wook even appeared in an episode of "We Got Married" to help his friend pull off a prank on APink's Bomi, Kpopstarz reported.

As for Ji Chang Wook's leading leady Nam Ji Hyun, the actor said that while they have not worked together before "Suspicious Partner", they are also acquainted with each other because they go to the same salon. Coincidentally, they also use the same hair stylist.

Ji Chang Wook said that he is very interested how their characters in "Supicious Partner" will play off each other. He plays the role of lawyer No Ji Wook who looks stern and unapproachable but is actually quite vulnerable and sensitive inside. Nam Ji Hyun's Bong Hee is the complete opposite but he said that he is confident that they will be able to pull off a "romantic, fun chemistry" between the characters.

"Supicious Partner" will replace "Saimdang, Light's Diary" which has been cut short by two episodes. "Suspicious Partner" starts airing on May 10 at 10 pm.



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