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Heechul Names Shindong the Best at Lip Syncing Among Super Junior Members: Heechul & Yura to Host 'Life's Bar' Season 2

By Eddwyn A. | April 21, 2017 04:53 AM EDT

Super Junior's Heechul recently appeared on the "I Can See Your Voice 4" episode on April 20. He was accompanied by his co-SUJU members Shindong and Yesung.

On the show, host Yoo Sae Yoo asked why the Heechul and the rest of the boys didn't appear on the show earlier. Heechul then explained how he would have loved to be the show's guest.

However, Heechul added that when they tried to be on the show, one member got their military enlistment letter and had to comply. According to All Kpop, Heechul also added how the rest of his members were eventually called by the military that's why they didn't have the chance to visit the show anymore.

Host Yoo Sae Yoo then asked the trio on who among the Super Junior members are the best in lip syncing. Heechul then remembered how they were so many of them that some members didn't have microphones.

Heechul continued how the rest without microphones were forced to lip sync. He then nominated identified member Shindong as the best in lip syncing among Super Juniors.

"It's because I didn't have any parts," replied Shindong to Heechul. Host Kim Jong Kook then jokingly asked "Why were you in Super Junior then?"

In other news, Heechul is set to be "Life's Bar's" newest host for the show's second season. According to Soompi, Girl's Day's Yura is also confirmed to be the show's host.

This was confirmed by a tvN source on Wednesday, April 19. "With Heechul and Yura's youthful and bright energy, they will work well with the original MCs Shin Dong Yup and Kim Joon Hyun," added the tvN insider.

Heechul and Yura is replacing the show's previous host Tak Jae Hoon. TvN's "Life's Bar" is currently undergoing change and is set to air their first episode with Yura and Heechul in mid-May.

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