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Jo Kwon Likes to Date Privately? 2AM Lead Reveals His Mother Calls Him 'Daughter' on Text Messages Due To His Cross-Dressing

By Eddwyn A. | April 20, 2017 05:22 AM EDT

Jo Kwon
Jo Kwon reveals he is against dating in public on "1 vs. 100" episode. (Photo : KpopStarz)


Jo Kwon appeared on KBS2's "1 vs. 100's" recent episode on Tuesday, April 18. Jo Kwon revealed on the show he was against "dating in public".

The "1 vs. 100" host asked Jo Kwon what topic do his juniors regularly ask him. Jo Kwon then revealed that most of his juniors' questions were about dating.

According to All Kpop, Jo Kwon then explained how he does not agree on dating in public. He revealed that he mostly advices his juniors to always date in secret. "If they have their own personal space, I just tell them to meet with their partners at home without getting caught," said Jo Kwon.

Meanwhile, on the same show, the host opened up the topic of Jo Kwon's cross-dressing stunt. The host also revealed how Jo Kwon's cross-dressing pictures was a sensation.

Jo Kwon then proceeded to explain how he had an opportunity to dress as a lady on a program he attended. According to him, people who saw him were confused and wondered who "she" was.

However, when people found out that it was [Jo Kwon] him, they immediately talked negatively about him. Jo Kwon also revealed how he dressed up as a SISTAR member and Beyonce and performed on Mnet's "Golden Tambourine" episode on Feb. 9.

The "1 vs. 100" host then asked Jo Kwon what kind of reactions he got during his cross-dressing stunts. Jo Kwon replied that his mother jokingly said to him that she thinks Jo Kwon did not come from her womb.

Jo Kwon also added how his mother would send him texts messages that said "Hey daughter, what are you up to?" This caused the audience on the show to burst in laughter.

Jo Kwon is the leader of the boy group "2AM". According to Wikipedia, the group is on break since 2015 when 3 members of 2AM signed with other agencies.

Jo Kwon debuted is first solo album titled "Im Da One" in 2012. He debuted in drama in 2013 on KBS2's "Queen of the Office".



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