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BTS' Jimin & V Bromance Happens Because They Have Quite The Same Interest

By Siti Fatimah | April 28, 2017 03:56 AM EDT

There is always a hot topic when it comes to BTS. This boy group from Big Hit Entertainment has stolen fans' with their oozing charms. It is not only their music that is talked about. Everyone is also interested for the bromance inside the group.

In K-pop industry, bromance is considered ordinary to have. As there are many boy groups living in the same dorm and do activities at the same time, their interactions are caught on camera a lot. Whether they have senior junior relationship or only being best friends, their bromance is interesting to know.

Recently, BTS' Jimin and V said that they considered themselves as soul mates, Koreaboo reported. They said that because their interests were quite the same and they had many moments when they were in sync. Thus, they felt like soul mates instead of only good friends.

The closeness of BTS' Jimin and V is not only approved by other members. Even Soompi reported that there was an amazing closeness between them two. There was one time when Jimin and V compared their fingers and how it was matched as one was smaller than the other.

When Jimin and B heard some funny jokes, they responded to it at the same time. They seem to have many things in common and thus they often respond to certain things at the same time. Their claps were also seen really identical, KoreaPortal reported.

In many videos about BTS, ARMYs often notice the bromance between BTS' Jimin and V. Their interaction is really sweet and how they understand to each other is seen clearly. Recently, BTS was nominated as Top Social media Artist at Billboard Music Awards, BillboardMusicAwards reported.

BTS is the second Korean artist to receive such nomination. Previously, Psy also got the same nomination in the past. As BTS is about to attend the award event, they ask their ARMYs to give their full support in this big event.

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