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SECHSKIES Comeback: Members Shared Their True Feelings About Go Ji Yong & Potential Collaboration In The Group’s 20th Anniversary

By Inami | April 28, 2017 09:05 PM EDT

SECHSKIES is ready to make some noise. Fans are hoping former member Go Ji Yong will take part in the comeback events, just to reminisce the good old times they once shared as a group. SECHSKIES members recently weighed in the possibility of Go Ji Yong's participation in the group's comeback.

SECHSKIES was invited for a special interview on April 27. The veteran group didn't only come to promote their brand-new album, they also revealed how good it would be to have Go Ji Yong to take part in the celebration of the group's 20th anniversary. According to Soompi, although SECHSKIES think it would be a great idea to involve Go Ji Yong, it may be difficult since they have a conflict in schedules. As we probably have known, Go Ji Yong stars in "The Return of Superman" with his son Seungjae.

Regardless, SECHSKIES never completely shuts down any possibilities if Go Ji Yong might want to join in his old group in the future. Eun Ji Won and Kang Su Hon added that they need to apologize to Go Ji Yong since they may have bothered him way too often, especially now that he's the head of a family.

SECHSKIES comeback will begin on April 28 as the veteran group drops its brand-new album. SECHSKIES' new album is manufactured by YG producing team Future Bounce and Epik High's Tablo. The group will also hold a fan meeting and press conference as a part of the 20th-anniversary celebration. The title tracks from SECHSKIES new album including "Chivalry", "Couple" and "Burning Love".

Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae-Duck, Kang Sung Hun, Go Ji Yong and Jang Su Won debuted in 1997 as SECHSKIES. They shocked fans when announcing disbandment out of the blue back in 2000. The group later came back on MBC's "Infinite Challenge", when it eventually signed with YG Entertainment. Since then, SECHSKIES has made its first comeback after 16 years in the industry with the track titled "Three Words". 

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