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Go Ji Yong & Seungjae Shares Emotional Moment On 'The Return Of Superman'; SECHSKIES Wants Ji Yong To Join 20th Anniversary Comeback

By Angie Chui | May 02, 2017 09:23 AM EDT

Inactive SECHSKIES member Go Ji Yong recently shared a poignant father and son moment with his adorable toddler Seungjae in a recent episode of "The Return of Superman." After months of bonding, it seems that the father and son are finally developing an ideal relationship.

Based on a post by KBS2, the scene in "The Return of Superman" starts with Ji Yong telling his son Seungjae that he will have to stop being his dad because he needs to return to the Goblin Village. At first it seemed that Seunjae did not understand what it meant so he remained quiet until his dad repeated his statement.

By this time, Seungjae was beginning to come around and wanted Ji Yong to explain why he had to leave. The toddler then moved closer to his dad to tell him that he didn't want him to go. He said that he wanted his father to stay, even if it meant that his dad was a goblin too. Ji Yong then asked Seungjae if his son loved him to which he replied to the affirmative.

Ji Yong again asked Seungjae to shout it out so he wouldn't have to leave. Seungjae shouted it out which made Ji Yong quite emotional as they shared a hug. This comes as a major development in the relationship of the father and son from the beginning of "The Return of Superman" when Seungjae was first reluctant to spend time with his father.

Before joining "The Return of Superman", it can be recalled in an interview with Ji Yong last January that he admitted that Seungjae was more attached to his wife. "It's inevitable that the father will fall out of a child's ranking. He likes his mother best. It feels like I woke up one day and Seungjae had already grown up so much. I regret that time has passed so quickly, and I feel sorry towards him."

Meanwhile, SECHSKIES, Go Ji Yong's former group is reportedly gearing for a comeback for its 20th anniversary. The group said that while they understand that it would be difficult due to scheduling conflicts, they still want Go Ji Yong to join them for their comeback, Kpopstarz reported.

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