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'We Got Married' Cancellation: MBC To Replace Long-Running Series With Fresh Concept Show

By Angie Chui | April 28, 2017 10:23 PM EDT

After almost a decade on air "We Got Married" may finally have its curtain call this May as the show will be replaced by an entertainment-based show. This is part of MBC's bid to restructure its programming, which will result in the cancellation of the long-running show.

Rumors have been swirling about the cancellation of "We Got Married" owing to its lower ratings compared to its previous seasons. However, while no confirmation has been made by the network just yet, a report by Soompi cited an MBC insider who confirmed that there will indeed be a cancellation of a long-running program by the network to make way for fresh programming.

It has earlier been reported that "Oppa Thoughts", an entertainment based show may become a possible replacement for "We Got Married's" timeslot. However, a statement from the source hints that the network may be thinking of a fresh concept to streamline their line-up of shows.

"It is time to reorganize and we are preparing a pilot program," the MBC insider said. Throughout the almost one decade run of "We Got Married," the show has enjoyed tremendous success in featuring top celebrities who were paired together for "virtual marriages."

The popularity of the show spread even wider when it featured an international edition where Korean celebrities were "married" to foreign celebrities. According to a report by Asiastarz, 2PM's Taecyeon was married to Taiwanese singer Emma Wu, while FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki was wed with Japanese actress Mina Fujii. For the international edition of "We Got Married", MBC even reached a deal with Sony for global distribution.

However, "We Got Married" was not without its challenges for their four season run. For a time, it had to deal with union issues, freezing production and forcing the show to air reruns for several weeks. Some of the celebrities featured in the show were also involved in some controversy during the show's run.

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