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HyunA Reveals Having A Collection of Cozy Pajamas on 'Lipstick Prince 2'

By Eddwyn A. | May 09, 2017 10:55 AM EDT

HyunA and fellow "Triple H" member E-Dawn recently appeared on an episode of "Lipstick Prince2". On the episode, HyunA revealed she has a huge collection of pajamas compared to sexy clothes.

As reported by Koreaboo, HyunA and fellow "Triple H" member E-Dawn appeared on the episode of "Lipstick Prince 2" that aired on Thursday, May 4. Super Junior's Heechul asked the show's panelist to guess what HyunA collects.

However, it was HyunA's band member E-Dawn who got the correct answer. Apparently, HyunA has a huge collection of pajamas.

"I pick out pajamas depending on my mood," said HyunA. "I think I have as many sets of pajamas as underwear."

HyunA revealed that she has a minimum of thirty pairs of pajamas. She also thinks of adding more pairs to her collection.

HyunA also revealed that picks out pajamas depending on her mood. For example, HyunA picks a lacy top and shorts whenever she feels lazy or watching a movie.

Also, when she feels down, HyunA tends to wear something that's very comfortable. HyunA even shocked the panelists when she revealed she wears nothing (including underwear) but an oversized t-shirt on gloomy days.

In other news, HyunA recently appeared on an episode of MBC's "Section TV". During the episode, HyunA finally talks about the controversy surrounding Triple H's music video for "365 FRESH".

Triple H's "365 FRESH" is the title track for the sub-unit's first album "199X". The music video raised some concerns because of the videos sexual and violent content.

One scene of the music video featured HyunA kissing his co-members. Another scene of the video featured the three of them lying in the same bed which others deemed to be inappropriate for nationwide broadcast.

"It is not possible for everyone to like it," commented HyunA, reports Soompi. "We wanted to avoid what is typically done."

HyunA continued to reveal that the video's theme is "youth" and that they were just trying to express a young one's unpredictability. Meanwhile, watch a clip of Triple H's appearance on MBC's "Section TV" down below.

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