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HyunA Speaks About The Controvery Surrounding Triple H's '365 FRESH' MV on 'Section TV'

By Eddwyn A. | May 09, 2017 10:11 AM EDT

Triple H recently appeared on MBC's "Section TV" episode aired on Sunday, May 7. During the episode, HyunA talks about the rumors surrounding the MV for their "199X" track, "365 FRESH".

Since the release of "365 FRESH" music video, HyunA and her newest group" Triple H" has been receiving quite the flak from the K-pop community and netizens. People were shocked by the sexual and violent content showed in the music video.

Everyone knows how HyunA tends to show off some skin during music videos and performances. However, the singer might have gone a bit overboard this time in the music video.

One scene on the MV showed HyunA kissing co-members E-Dawn and Hui. One scene also featured HyunA lying in bed with the PENTAGON members.

Aside from showing HyunA sexy side, the music video also showed violent content - such as a member being beaten to a pulp. One member even flashed his middle fingers!

During their appearance in "Section TV", HyunA expressed how it was expected that everyone might not like the music video. "We wanted to avoid what is typically done," said HyunA as cited by Soompi.

HyunA also added how the MV's theme was about "youth". She explained that they try to express a youth's instability in the music video while being mild as much as possible.

In other news, HyunA and Triple H member E-Dawn appeared as guests on the episode of "Lipstick Prince 2" that aired on May 4. As reported by Koreaboo, it was revealed that HyunA has 30 pairs of cozy pajamas!

"I pick out pajamas depending on my mood," said HyunA. "I think I have as many sets of pajamas as underwear."

HyunA also revealed how she wears specific pajamas depending on her mood. For example, she wears a lacy top and pairs it with shorts whenever she feels lazy.

Also, Hyuna revealed how she would only wear an oversized t-shirt and wear nothing down below when she feels gloomy. Her confession left the male panelists asking for a tall glass of cold water.

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