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Everything to Know About 'Seven Day Queen' Love Triangle Between Jung Jeon Joseon, Yeon San Gun And Dang Yeong

By Staff Writer | May 12, 2017 02:49 PM EDT

The much-anticipated K-drama entitled, "Seven Day Queen", has recently released its newest trailer, which features the love triangle between its main characters. The video clips show how the love triangle between Jung Jong of Joseon (Yeon Woo Jin), Queen Dang Yeong (Park Min Young) and Yeon San Gun (Lee Dong Gun) will play out, knowing that they have different personalities from each other.

Based on previous reports, it has been said that Queen Dang Yeong holds the record in Korea's history for being the queen who sat on the throne in the shortest amount of time. Meanwhile, Yeon San Gun and Jung Jong of Joseon are half brothers. However, despite their deep connection with each other, they fall prey to the influence of love as they incidentally fell in love with Queen Dang Yeong.

According to Korea Portal, the plot of the drama series will revolve around these three main characters, and how Queen Dang Yeong will have to choose between the two brothers. It is also worth noting that the two brothers have contrasting backgrounds and personalities, as one is a kind-hearted gentleman, while the other one is a rich man who is rightful to become Queen Dang Yeong's husband.

Lee Dong Gun has been the last person to join the crew of "Seven Day Queen", as he just decided that he will take the role last month. In knowing more about his role, KBS Entertainment says that his role is that of a king who is heartbroken because he cannot get the woman that he truly loves.

According to Soompi, Lee Dong Gun will also be showcasing his full acting prowess as he will have to do a variety of different emotions to successfully act out his role. Yee Woon Jin will play the role of Lee Yeok who is known to have driven out his brother in the kingdom in order for him to sit on the royal throne.

The latest upcoming drama series of KBS, "Seven Day Queen", will premiere this coming May 31.

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