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Plan A Entertainment Will Take Legal Action Against Hate Comments On Apink

By Siti Fatimah | May 16, 2017 12:35 PM EDT

Plan A Entertainment will take legal action againts hate comments for Apink members.
Plan A Entertainment just gave their official warning to take legal action against hate comments for Apink. Check it out! (Photo : 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube)

Apink's label, Plan A Entertainment, just announced their warnings to take legal action against hate comments. The legal team of the company stated three points on their message.

Since debut, there have been many hate comments attacking the social media of Apink's members. Some hate comments have gone too far. The company cannot take it anymore so they will take legal actions against hate comments.

The first point stated by the company is that the target of hate comments have changed from members to their families. The second point is that there have been many sexual comments that cannot be taken anymore for women generally. In the third point, the hate comments have resulted defaming the characters of Apink's members and they will take legal action for that, AllKpop reported.

Apink debuted in 2011 and they have released some albums. Their popular songs are "No No No," "Mr.Chu," "Promise U," "LUV," and much more. Among the members, Eunji is the most successful with her singing and acting activity. She receives much praise for her great acting. She ranked as top idol actress on 'Entertainment Relay," AllKpop reported.

Apink's Eunji is not only a great idol actress. She is also a very good composer. She has composed many of Apink's songs and they are really great songs. Another member with much attention is Naeun. She is in Psy's new song MV "New Face."

Recently, Psy revealed why Naeun was perfect for the song. He said that her face suited the concept of the song really well, Koreaboo reported. Many people praised Naeun's acting ability in "New Face." She was also praised for her beautiful face and body.

The warning from Plan A Entertainment is purposed to protect the idols and their images. There have been many reports about anti-fans who give hate comments and go too far. It is the best way to take legal action to prevent further damage for the idols and their images.

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