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The Reason Why Sistar's Soyou Donated $9,000 To Red Cross

By Staff Writer | May 17, 2017 05:16 PM EDT

The Reason Why Sistar's Soyou Donates $9,000 To Red Cross
Sistar’s Soyou shows her generous side as she has just donated $9,000 to Red Cross. (Photo : cheryltvxq)

Sistar's Soyou is indeed showing the other side of herself as she has just donated a generous amount of money to Korea's Red Cross. Just last May 11, reports have it that Soyou has donated a 10 million won, which is equivalent to around $9,000.

It was given to the Korean Red Cross and is directed to the unfortunate and underprivileged people of their society. It is worth noting that Soyou has been one of the major sponsors of the Seoul branch of the Korean Red Cross way back in 2015.

According to Koogle, she has been one of the most consistent sponsors that helped in donating money to the youth who are homeless and doesn't have a sufficient supply of food. Aside from that, the people that she usually helps are the bread winners of families that don't have a good economic status.

However, she's not the only member of the hit K-pop girl group, Sistar, to have helped the community through the giving of donations. The group also has a track record of charitable sponsorships over the past years, which are focused on helping the poor and starving children of South Korea.

They have also helped even the abandoned and homeless animals. According to Soompi, Sistar has even used their proceeds from last year's K-pop Hallyu festival for the purchasing of sanitary napkins of women who are having financial problems.

With this, one can clearly see that Soyou does not only have a pretty face and has a lot of talent, but she also has a kind heart. She is indeed one of the best examples of what a tru K-pop idol should be. Let's wish Soyou and the rest of Sistar the best of luck in their career. They really are beautiful inside and out.

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