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ARMYs Demanded Hyung Eun To Apologize Properly To BTS Before Leaving BULLDOK

By Siti Fatimah | May 18, 2017 02:13 PM EDT

ARMYs demanded BULLDOK's Hyung Eun to apologize properly after her rude comment about BTS' V.
Hyung Eun received hate comments after showing disrespect for BTS'V in a show. ARMYs demanded her to apologize properly to BTS. (Photo : ARIRANG K-POP/YouTube)

BULLDOK's Hyung Eun received many hate comments from netizens after she revealed that he didn't like BTS. She is also rumored to leave the group and will not do any promotions with BULLDOK.

Hyung Eun appeared on BJ Rose's "Afreeca TV" as a guest recently. During the show, she was asked about BTS and whether she liked them or not. She answered that she lost interest in them, especially V because she thought V had an athlete's foot for wearing slippers, AllKpop reported.

After the show aired, netizens criticized Hyung Eun's comment because she was rude to his senior singer. After the controversy, BJ Rose deleted the video and Hyung Eun apologized on her Instagram. But soon after she posted her apology, she deleted her post and turned her Instagram into private.

Many ARMYs didn't satisfy with Hyung Eun's apology because it seemed insincere. Then, a shocking news came saying that Hyung Eun will not continue doing a promotion with BULLDOK. The girl group is reported to have a comeback with four members only. Hyung Eun was reported having a health issue as the reason to not be able to join BULLDOK again.

With the report of Hyung Eun leaving BULLDOK, ARMY got even mad because they thought that Hyung Eun needed to do his apology once again. They wanted her to apologize to BTS and AMRY before leaving the group. Yet, there is no response from Hyung Eun about the request from ARMYs.

Meanwhile, BULLDOK is reported to have their comeback sometime in 2017, Soompi reported. People predict that the group will find their breakout in 2017 after their fierce concept with debut single "Why Not."

There is no news yet from BULLDOK or Hyung Eun about her leaving the group. If it is true, BULLDOK will not be able to promote as five members. They will end up doing promotions with four members only. Many of Hyung Eun's fans want her to stay in the group and take care of her health.

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