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Moon Hee Jun Got Boycotted Following Controversies Around Marriage & Professional Life

By Inami | May 22, 2017 08:52 AM EDT

Moon Hee Jun and his wife Soyul are now enjoying their life as a new parent after their baby daughter was born a week ago. However, controversies about his marriage and professional life with H.O.T don't seem to get over anytime soon. Recently, H.O.T fans are boycotting all of Moon Hee Jun's promotion.

A report from Allkpop revealed the boycott started on The H.O.T Gallery at DC Inside. According to the statement made by the representative of H.O.T gallery, Moon Hee Jun has displayed a lot of problematic behaviors ever since he got back from the military. Moon Hee Jun has thrown away all of his modesty, started acting rude, and saying inappropriate things.

Fans continued to be disappointed about Moon Hee Jun when he announced with his wife that they were expecting a baby after only 3 months of married. Right from that moment, fans have been accusing the couple as a liar, considering the fact that they hid their pregnancy with fake excuses.

Fans had been waiting for Moon Hee Jun's explanation and apology since his actions may damage the group's reputation. However, Moon Hee Jun didn't show any good intention to recover his relationship with fans and the H.O.T members. Instead, he kept making disrespectful comments about his bandmate Jang Woo Hyuk and said that H.O.T reunion is nothing but a rating booster.

Aside from the controversy, Moon Hee Jun is now a father of a beautiful baby. Soompi reported, Moon Hee Jun and Soyul welcomed their firstborn on May 12.

Moon Hee Jun and Soyul have been consistently surprising everyone with their announcement, from their engagement announcement, wedding after only two months of being engaged, and earlier this month, they announced that they're expecting a baby within a few weeks. Nonetheless, the couple seems extremely happy, especially with the new member of their little family.

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