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Everything To Know About Sung Yuri And Ahn Sung Hyun Secret Wedding

By Staff Writer | May 22, 2017 05:34 PM EDT

Sung Yuri and Ahn Sung Hyun has been married in a secret manner. Continue reading to know more about the shocking revelation.

K-pop idol, Sung yuri has just been confirmed to have already married Ahn Sung Hyun in a secret wedding. Because of this, the fans of the idol, are shocked to learn of the surprising news, knowing that there are no previous rumors or speculations that they were already preparing for a wedding.

According to Soompi, the management company of Sung Yuri confirms that the two have indeed already married each other. It's also worth knowing that Ahn Sung Hyun, the newly-wedded husband of Sung Yuri, is a popular pro golfer.

Apart from the secret wedding revelation, the management company also reveals that Sung Yuri and Ahn Sung Hyun have been dating each other for more than four years. And after deciding and making sure that what they feel for each other is true and permanent, the couple finally decided to marry each other.

Furthermore, the statement states that the wedding of the couple was different because it was celebrated privately with only family, relatives and close friends in attendance. The reason behind this is because the couple wanted to maintain the peacefulness and sincerity in a quiet wedding so that they can focus on each other.

Finally, the company then asked for the understanding of their fans because they haven't released the news about it before the wedding happened. According to All K-pop, the wedding honeymoon of the newlywed couple is in Hawaii and will take place after their photo shoot.

With all of these being said, it makes perfect sense for the couple to have a secret and private wedding that is exclusive only to their family, relatives and close friends. This is because they are popular celebrities.

And opening their wedding to the public would only remove the sanctity of the marriage because of the many media staff that will surely flood the church and the reception place. Let's wish Sung Yuri and Ahn Sung Hyun the best of luck in their new life.

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