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Everything To Know About ELRIS, New K-Pop Girl Group

By Staff Writer | June 08, 2017 06:36 AM EDT

Hunus Entertainment has just revealed that they are planning to launch a new K-pop girl group that will take the name of ELRIS. For sure, the management company knows the potential of their talents in making their way in the K-pop industry.

Just recently, ELRIS has already revealed all of their 5 members. The official debut date of the girl group has also been revealed. With this, it can clearly be seen the management company, Hunus Entertainment, is doing the best of what they can to market and promote their new girl group. The company might also hope that it will take the place of the recently disbanded girl group, Sistar.

According to Korea Portal, the members of ELRIS are Yukyung, Karin, Sohee, Hyeseong and Bella. One of the best things that people can now about the group is that all of the members have been born in 1999 except for one. That one member is Karin who is said to have been born in 2002. That means that she's just 15 years old now, while the others are 18 years old.

Sohee is Kim So Hee who has risen to fame thanks to the hit TV talent show, "K-Pop Star 6." It has also been reported that Hunus Entertainment will be doing something new for the upcoming launch of ELRIS.

According to All K-pop, the management company has decided to launch the members of the group one by one and that they will be taking their own element of nature. The elements are reported to be the wind, the sky, the forest and more.

It is reported that Sohee will be taking the element of the Sky while Karin will be the embodiment element of the forest. Yukyung is said to be the water, Hyeseong to take the wind while Bella will be taking on the heart of the group.

For sure, ELRIS will soon become one of the most popular K-pop groups in South Korea's music glamorous music industry.

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