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T.O.P Will Undergo Psychological Treatment After Released From Hospital, Fortune Teller Shared Shocking Predictions About T.O.P’s Future

By Inami | June 09, 2017 08:05 AM EDT

T.O.P Drug Scandal
T.O.P is finally waking up after days of long sleep. The BIGBANG member is now able to walk and communicate with his family. However, he may need to undergo a psychological examination. (Photo : T.O.P/Instagram)

T.O.P has finally woken up after he was found unconscious due to the drug overdose. The BIGBANG member has finally been able to walk around and communicate.

The good news was delivered by Koreaboo earlier today. After T.O.P's mother briefly revealed that her son has opened his eye, the representative of Ehwa Woman's University Hospital released a statement that T.O.P is conscious and will be able to leave the ICU soon.

T.O.P is allowed to check in another hospital or remain at Ehwa Women's University Hospital after he's discharged. However, T.O.P will be required to undergo intensive psychological treatment when he's fully recovered. According to the medical team, T.O.P will need approximately 1-2 weeks to recover.

T.O.P overdosed on tranquilizers benzodiazepines. Some reports suggested he's been taking Valium and Xanax to treat his anxiety disorder. Previously, it was reported that T.O.P combined several different kinds of tranquilizers and alcohol that eventually caused an overdose.

In light of the drug scandal, netizens are distracted by a blog post back in February that revealed celebrities' fortune in 2017, Allkpop reported. Among those celebrities, T.O.P is predicted to have the toughest luck this year.

The fortune teller warned T.O.P that he must act with great caution and shouldn't commit any acts against the law while in the military. The helping arrow that's been assisting him will point the other way and eventually cause humiliation, turmoil, and scandals involving women. The fortune teller also mentioned that there may be a chance of re-enlistment, imprisonment, or trial in court.

The blog post also shared that T.O.P's career will go downhill this year and he will find a hard time to regain his popularity, especially in his mid-30s. Celebrities who share a great deal energy of wrath like T.O.P will most likely suffer from sudden accidents, imprisonment, and malicious gossip. Meanwhile, fans have been very skeptical about the predictions, although some of them turn out to be true. 

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