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VIXX Gets Plagiarized for the 6th Time This Year?

By Ciera Starlight | June 22, 2017 10:36 AM EDT

On June 20th fans of the boy group VIXX have noticed striking similarities between R&B singer D.O and rapper LOCO's upcoming track, "Falling Down" and VIXX's song "Shangri La."

The 18 second teaser video uploaded for "Falling Down" reminded fans of "Shangri La" because both songs begin with a slow rhythm of the synth sound, that are almost identical to each other aside from the pitch.

Many listeners of the teaser could not help but comment about how much the songs sound alike. The full version of "Falling Down" released on June 21st. 

LOCO and VIXX's RAVI both have performances at the "RAPBEAT SHOW" K-Hip-hop concert in Australia on July 1st. Fans wonder how awkward it would be for them to meet there if a case of plagiarism existed. 

VIXX have been victims to plagiarism, at least 5 times this year alone. It began in January, when a contestant on the "The Voice Turkey," took the instrumental of VIXX's song "Dynamite" and claimed it as his own. When called out for his actions, the rapper made a diss track insulting VIXX, their fans and K-pop fans in general. He was later eliminated from the show.

In February, a Chinese group called TVBOYS plagiarized VIXX's entire routine that they once performed on the Chinese program "Heroes of Remix". In March, a "Produce 101" contestant covered one of VIXX member N's dance choreographies for his self-introduction without proper credit. In April, VIXX's song "Dynamite" is entirely plagiarized yet again by Egyptian singer Reda Mandor and sold as part of his album.

Most recently, the song "Beautiful Liar" by VIXX LR (a subunit of VIXX) was plagiarized in the soundtrack for a Chinese movie "Father and Son." The composer denied the similarity, yet the music was exactly the same as "Beautiful Liar" composed by VIXX's Ravi himself. Eventually, Ravi addressed the issue on his SNS, reprimanding the actions of the composer, as well as the composer's wife who insulted fans.

VIXX wanted to become a trend, but not in this manner. What do you think? Do the songs sound alike you? Make sure to keep following KpopStarz for more updates.


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