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Choiza Uploads Another Sexy Photo Involving Sulli on Instagram

By Edward Leary | July 17, 2017 11:40 AM EDT

It seems Sulli and Choiza just love adding fuel to the fire as they stir up netizens again with another interesting photo on Instagram. This time, Choiza uploaded a photo that fans instantly recognized as linking to his ex-girlfriend Sulli. The photo in question can be seen down below.

It seemed like a normal picture of someone's cats but fans instantly noticed the two cats belonged to Sulli and were even uploaded on her Instagram before. Fans left many comments such as, "Heol, aren't those Sulli's cats?" and, "Those belong to Sulli..."

Another thing fans furthered noticed were the unbuckled pants in the background. Fans become even more heated as they wondered why Choiza had his pants off at Sulli's place. Perhaps a sexual innuendo or just coincidence?

Fans quickly gathered proof that the cats indeed belonged to Sulli by sharing these photos from her Instagram and voicing their opinions about their current relationship status. Despite the two stars denying any dating rumors so far, fans continue to speculate that they got back together - especially since Sulli's recent split with Kim Min Jun.

What do you think of the two instigating all this commotion on the internet? Simply looking for attention or trying to prove they are dating again? Stay tuned for more updates!

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