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'Show Champion' Addresses Kim Jae Hwan's Use of The 'N' Word

By Edward Leary | August 25, 2017 12:05 PM EDT

Kim Jaw Hwan, a member of Wanna One made famous after the hit series 'Produce IOI Season 2,' has recently been under fire for saying the 'N' word during a broadcast of 'Show Champion.'

It was reported earlier that the Wanna One cutie had filmed a short intro video before the show where his opening greeting uses the 'N' word. "Yo, N*gga, What's up?! Come on," was the exact phrase that caused the trouble and now 'Show Champion' and YMC Entertainment have come forward about the issue.

YMC Entertainment said, "After discussing with the producers of 'Show! Champion', it has been confirmed that there was no problem with Kim Jae Hwan's word choice. We believe it was simply a misunderstanding that occurred among the international fans in the process of listening and understanding the Korean language."

'Show! Champion' has also released a statement via Twitter that reads, "Kim Jae Hwan was simply expressing 'I have arrived' through a form of improvised rap, just as it was subtitled identically in the video clip. The expression he used is not a problem at all with the broadcast and was not intended for any certain derogatory meaning. We sincerely hope there are no misunderstandings."

The Twitter user who uploaded the video in the first place even slowed down the video to show proof that Kim Jae Hwan did, in fact, say the N word. Fans of Wanna One, however, tried to educate the user and explain the use of 'nega' in Korean, defending Kim Jae Hwan. 

Now the agency, broadcasting station, and fans are under this same impression. However, whether you speak Korean or not, it is clear the English translation of that sentence would not make sense. Also, if he indeed did not say "What's up" but "I'm here" instead, why did the video subtitles say else wise? It seems no one can get their story straight, but it is obvious that the video and subtitles don't lie and Kim Jae Hwan was caught in another racist K-Pop controversy. What do you think of this whole mess? Share your thoughts down below.

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