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What Is Something Special GOT7 Prepared For Thier Album '7 For 7'?

By Chaeil Lee | October 05, 2017 12:23 PM EDT

The boys of GOT7 have already been doing wonders by teasing us with their individual member photos for their comeback with their newest album '7 of 7.' While JYP has been showing some major love to his girl groups lately and been beyond preoccupied with the debut of TWICE in Japan, the agency hasn't forgotten about the boys and together created a wonderful new gift for fans of the group.

During a broadcasted interview with 'Starcast', the boys discussed their process and all the effort put into creating the album, alongside the individual teasers. This time around, member BamBam was given the opportunity to explore his artistic side and helped create and produce the stunning teaser videos fans have been going crazy over.

While many idols focus on producing lyrics or choreography, BamBam expressed how fortunate he was to produce something more unique and everlasting. BamBam stated, "I'm happy I started working together on the clips. I have something more to show off now as an idol." Their first teaser was posted on Instagram and already received praise and support from fans - check it out down below!

 GOT7 <7 for 7> TEASER VIDEO #BamBam #GOT7 #갓세븐 #7for7 #YouAre @bambam1a

A post shared by JYPnation (@jypentertainment) on Oct 4, 2017 at 8:00am PDT

Leader JB also revealed some important information about the album saying that there is one track with a stronger, deeper meaning that he wanted fans to understand. "Our title track is most important," said JB. "It means all of us should be fighting together and supporting each other."  

The members all expressed how happy they were t be back together and promoting as a group again. With Jackson just completing his individual promotions for "Papillion" the members laughed after member Mark said, "We are finally 7 of 7." Are you excited for the release of their new album and overall comeback? Keep your calendars marked for their comeback on October 10th!

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