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Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee Admits He Tried To Sell Nude Photos Of The Singer But Denies Leaking The Pics To Allkpop

By Jesse Lent | November 15, 2013 01:25 PM EST

Allkpop Vice President of Content Daniel Lee admits it is his voice in a phone call released by the South Korean media outlet Dispatch in which he attempted to sell nude photos of his ex-girlfriend, K-pop star Ailee.

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But the media mogul denies he leaked the pictures to his own publication.

Lee and allkpop faced major backlash from fans this week when they published censored versions of the Ailee nude photos to their website on Sunday without the singer's permission.

On Wednesday, the allkpop VP agreed to speak to the Seoul Broadcasting System program "One Night of TV Entertainment," in an attempt to clear the air, according to eNEWS.

Lee, whose photo was not revealed in the broadcast, reaffirmed allkpop's official company statement, that a Canadian citizen contacted the website's editorial staff back in June, attempting to sell them nude photos of Ailee.

"We received an email first," Lee said.

"Because we had a tip from people with that kind of goal in mind, I just really wanted to see if it was possible [to sell pictures] and I innocently asked. I had no other intention."

The allkpop VP, who claims he hasn't spoken to Ailee since publishing the nude pictures, denied reports that he leaked the photos to the website he works for.

"All I can say is I'm sorry," Lee said.

"A misunderstanding happened and I can only say sorry about it. But what I want to say is that I did not leak the photos."

YMC executives, who are reportedly pursuing legal action against Lee, allkpop and the website's parent company 6Theory Media, released a statement condemning Lee shortly after the photos were published, and explaining how they came into existence.

"While she was living in the US, Ailee was given an offer to be a model for a famous underwear company. The company told Ailee that she must take pictures in the nude for better examination of her body," the YMC Entertainment statement read.

"Ailee trusted that her personal information will be protected, but once the photos were sent out, the company in question cut all contact. Ailee reported the matter to the police but failed to see any results due to the lack of evidence. It was revealed that many other girls were also scammed in a similar matter."

According to the YMC statement, Ailee shared the nude photos with Lee in order to get his advice on how to respond to the incident.

"Ailee consulted her ex-boyfriend [Daniel Lee] on the matter," the YMC statement explained.

"Ailee shared the photos with him after he persuaded her that he needs the photos to get a better idea on the issue."

The nude photo shoot apparently always troubled Ailee, even before the photos came to light.

"The issue is something that has given Ailee much shock and pain in the past," the YMC statement added.

"Even with such pain, Ailee went for her dreams, so we are worried that this [nude photo scandal] will hurt her even more."



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